Friday, September 03, 2004

Blade Server Design Opens Up

Just noticed the news headline on IBM opening up the design of Blade Servers. It is a great development which further accelerates the adoption of already "hot trend" blade servers. This is a great news that IBM and Intel will not charge royalty or patent licensing fees for Blade Center design. They might just set a new "startup" phenomena in developing new and innovatove blades for this blade chasis and make the Blade Center design as default standard in the market place.

Recently, I was thinking about writing a blog entry about blade servers as they are the fastest growing segment with great interest from organizations with dozens of servers in their data center.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Where have I been during my hiatus for the past month?

This past month has been quite busy for me. I couldn't find the time to update my Blog regularly. A lot of activity in the data storage arena this summer.

Data Storage in Public Sector

The Canadian public sector was busy this summer putting out lots of RFPs and RFIs for acquiring data storage hardware, software and consulting services. We became involved with quite a few opportunities. Of course, considering age and size of our company, we try to partner with other IT resellers and vendors for public sector proposals instead of going solo.

Wireless Storage

I have been hearing quite a lot about Wireless Storage. It appears to be a neat idea and sounds very interesting.

Small commercial segment seems to be very receptive to wireless network. Some of the networking projects, we recently got involved in, were mainly wireless on client access side. The data centers were the only areas where "wired" network existed.

IMO, soon we will see a higher demand for wireless connectivity in Network Attached Storage (NAS). Who knows, soon we may be having a dedicated wireless connection to clients for backup/replication and other administrative chores while clients continue to use another connection for their daily tasks.