Monday, April 04, 2005

Finally zing "may be" back at Byte and Switch

It is great to finally read, after a long time, a decent article being posted and written by one of Byte and Switch staff. I am referring to the article "No News is Not Good News" written by Mary Jander.

I used to read Byte & Switch articles regularly two years ago. It used to be a good site for its in-depth analysis articles on what is happening in business world of data storage. In last two years, it has lost its attractiveness with stories and articles which were nothing but regurgitating the marketing and press releases of storage vendors. May be they got too much focused on developing paid content and in turn forgot their site audience.

I hope this article is return of the "old" Byte and Switch, I used to know, ELSE they belong in their own "Bit Bucket."

Friday, April 01, 2005

Business Case for CAS in Medical Imaging

CAS -- How can a business case be made for Content-addressed Storage (CAS) for medical imaging (PACS) installations? I have read lot of material from most of CAS vendors. I am still not sure what CAS delivers beyond normal DAS/NAS based storage architecture for medical imaging clients.

I have been also looking into data transfer to a remote site. The site has been generating at least 10GB of new data every day. The challenge is overcoming the slow internet connection (DSL/T1) to manage daily transfer of at least 10GB of new data as well as using the same connection to request data from remote site in real-time which could be as much as 2GB.