Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Aperi: All Talk, No Walk

I was just reading comments written by Tarry in response to my posting Which industry segment most likely to use Virtualization? He mentioned about APERI project by IBM et al. Jon William Toigo also has been blogging and writing columns about Aperi.

My (mis?) understanding is that Aperi is suppose to be a "open source" initiative. When was the last time a "proprietary source" company started a successful "open source" project?

It has been few months since Aperi announcement was first made. So, I figured by now there must be some real stuff out there about this "open source" initiative. And what did I find? Nothing, nada! Only press releases and media articles. Even website of IBM, supposedly the leader of this gang, has no substantial information on Aperi. Toigo's blog gives the impression that Aperi initiative has been dumped now in the lap of SNIA.

I am impressed with the progress of the Aperi project and the participants' commitment. Can someone care to explain, why should users buy into Ideas running on fumes?


  1. Anil,

    Indeed I too have tried to follow this APERI thing but it seems like it's not really taking off.

    BTW, I'm linking your blog to mine (if you don't mind that is), I like your writing.



  2. Tarry,

    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you for linking to my blog.


  3. I work in the storage industry and am too trying to locate information about Aperi, but am hitting brick walls. Is it all smoke and mirrors? I would like to learn what Aperi is all about, architecture slides, etc. Anyone have any links they can provide?

  4. My attempts to find more information on Aperi resulted in nothing! Also, nobody nowadays mentions Aperi so I assume it is on its death bed.

    Here is the IBM link to Aperi with no significant info http://www-03.ibm.com/servers/storage/community/

  5. Those familiar with the creation of open source projects understand that they take time to develop, so expecting a fully-baked offering in weeks is not the way to judge any open source project.

    By now, hopefully, you've been to the Aperi project site (www.eclipse.org/aperi) and have seen there is a good amount of information on the project's progress, as well as code available for download. The group just posted the 0.2 release of the framework code and now has install and user guides posted. There also has been a presentation posted for months that includes flash demos of some of Aperi's key functions, and the project participants were demonstrating this at last fall's SNW show in Orlando. We've gotten positive feedback from both end users and vendors, so keep checking the project site for more updates and please consider joining the the project and participating through the mailing list and/or wiki.

  6. Allen,

    Thanks for the comment and update on Aperi. I will check out your links sometime. And may be do an update on Aperi.