Monday, March 20, 2006

No right or wrong answers to EQ tests

Do you score high on EQ (Entrepreneurial Quotient) tests like the one
posted by Guy Kawasaki? The high score doesn't necessarily mean that you will make a better entrepreneur. But, you may have a future as a writer who may become successful writing business books.

I took Kawasaki's test but with a twist. I answered eleven questions based on what popular entrepreneurship culture preaches and eleven questions based on my actual experiences. I got three times as many wrong answers when I answered based on my experiences instead of what entrepreneurship books preach.

I used to be a typical engineering guy and had no background in business. So I read a lot of books on entrepreneurship, joined associations and attended events. And only thing I can say that the preachings of popular entrepreneurship culture will not make you successful. The key to success is flexibility and considering all available alternatives.

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong answer to EQ tests, all answers are valid alternatives until one works for you.

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