Monday, April 17, 2006

Storage meets Wiki misses Eyeballs

Yesterday, Jeremiah O., the brain behind HDS blogs initiative, sent me a message mentioning his storage blogroll. He also posted this information in a comment to my post about David Merrill blog.

So here is plug for his storage blogroll one more time. Access it through his virtualized URL And in case his virtualization vendor drops off the earth, here is the un-virtualized version of blogroll URL ;-)

Also, check out Mario Apicella wondering about small world of storage bloggers in his post Why are storage folks not blogging?. He makes a very good point from customer perspective in response to my comment about low potential of wider readership of storage blogs:
The reality is that purchasing storage often generates transactions that are several orders of magnitude more expensive than buying new servers, for example. People may not look at storage very often but when they do they are in for big money and need good advice.
Here is my 'role-reversal' comment from vendor perspective. Potentially large cash inflow per deal encourages storage vendors to put muzzle on their employees ... impact of losing and wining a deal on bottom line is significant enough to discourage free flow of information from rank-and-files. Instead storage blogging is mostly restricted to vendors' upper echelon (See, my post from last year on related topic Does Blogging belong to Upper Echelon only?).

If people are not going to look at storage very often, they are not going to read about it often either resulting in fewer eyeballs for storage blogs.


  1. Thanks for the Virutalized and Native Links Anil.

    Please contact me at anytime to make suggestions to the wiki --I'll update

  2. Anil

    David is not in the Upper Echelon at HDS.

    Check this bio at:

    Aside from being passionate in his focus area, he's a really fun guy to work with! Hope you get to meet him at his workshop

  3. Jeremiah,

    Congratulations on reaching beyond upper echelon at HDS to tap David for blogging. I am looking forward to meeting David soon. Hopefully one day, storage developers will blog like Microsoft developers do or even better.

    As always, your comments and suggestions are most welcome.


  4. Dez Blanchfield
    June 1st, 2006

    Less than 18 months ago, our company Cradle Technologies ( http://CradleTechnologies.COM ) launched a whole new business unit to undertake the distribution of Storage Solutions ( as apposed to just pushing more tin ) and the Storage Market was then still the realm of direct attached and SAN solutions.

    In that short time, as you noted, we've seen Storage go through in record time the same type of transition that network technologies did over five years, where network routers, switches and firewalls are now common place consumer affordable appliances.

    With the likes of Anthology's "Yellow Machine" (http://CradleTechnologies.COM/yellowmachine) we now see storage appliances with a terabyte of hard disk for under AUD$2,300 including sales tax!

    The new paradigme the internet has given us is as you agian noted, the capability to launch entire industry segments such as consumer storage from Consumer, SOHO, Professional, Small to Medium sized Enterprise, through to Large Enterprise and Government, greatly driven by the education that is now able to be delivered via Blogs, Wiki's, and content management driven dynamic content web sites where staff can edit copy online in real time to meet market demand for information.

    Here at Cradle Technologies we have made our own small investment in this challenge with the launch of The Storage Forum ( http://TheStoreageForum.COM ) where we currently have a blog style "conversation" being run daily on news, events, reviews and industry releases.

    But that "conversation" will quickly morph from a mere Blog, to an information Portal, consisting of Blogs, Wiki's, Forum's, and vendor and product information, events, press releases and the like.

    We are indeed lucky that in 2006 we have these types of cost effective tools to make rapid change to our industries, where just five or ten years ago, change such as we are seeing in Storage took years, not months as it is currently.



    Dez Blanchfield
    CEO, Cradle Technologies

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