Thursday, July 20, 2006

Psst … Pricing without talking to storage vendor

Do you want access to price list of storage vendors without having to listen to vendors pitch?

Robin Harris has been doing great job culling up price lists from various sources and posting them online. He already posted price list of Xiotech, Texas Memory, StoreAge, StorageTek, Seagate, Riverbed, Quantum, Qlogic, Pillar, Panasas, Network Appliance, Nexsan, McData, Lefthand, Isilon, IBM, HP, Hitachi, Finisar, Falconstor, EqualLogic, EMC, Dell, Data Domain, CreekPath, Brocade, Avamar, ADIC, and 3PAR.

A great new pricing resource for getting started on developing budget for your next storage project, pricing comparison and negotiation leverage.

In the past, I used GSA pricing and price lists obtained from Internet/ vendor/ channel/ end-user for developing business cases and preliminary budget for the storage projects. Robin Harris work offers one more price reference point for next price-based analysis.

Now, can someone figure out ways to harvest and make available all the vendor documentation currently available only with proper credentials?


  1. Hi Anil,
    To answer your question, have you heard of CPStorage?


  2. Chris,

    Nope. Never heard of you guys. Do you want to educate me?



  3. Anil,
    I just tripped over this post today. I know and respect Robin Harris at Mojo.

    I'm a former ADIC/Quantum VAR owner. "Former" because I sold my share of the company to my partner in 2005. Long story short I spent a year developing a self-service quote tool for IT vendors, EchoQuote.

    I have a link setup for Quantum but don't want to publish it on your blog. Send me a quick an engineer you will like it!