Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tales of Two Data De-Dupers

Avamar Announces Record Third Quarter
Revenue in the third quarter grew over 165% from the same period in 2005, and 22% from the second quarter.
Data Domain Posts Record Sales in Q3
Third quarter sales for the company were up 40% compared to the previous quarter and up 260% compared to the same quarter in 2005.
These two de-dupers are getting excellent market traction with data de-duplication for data protection. How are the two other de-dupers, Asigra and Diligent, doing?

Such results from the first wave of de-dupers are just indicative of the exceptional return on differentiating innovation, something Geoffrey Moore wrote in his latest book Dealing With Darwin, a fascinating book. I can't wait to see second wave of de-dupers to make a comparison of their returns from what book termed as neutralizing innovations!

Will Data Domain be next to file for IPO?


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