Tuesday, July 20, 2004

EMC SnapView - Quick Refresher 1


EMC SnapView storage system based software is to create a copy of a LUN by using clones and snapshots. It is used primarily for system backups and testing. Clone is actual complete copy and snapshot is a virtual point-in-time copy of source LUN.
  • Full access to production data with minimal performance impact.
  • Coherent, readable and writable copy of production data at a particular point in time
  • Offload the backup overhead to another host.
  1. SnapView driver that resides on storage system with LUNs you want to copy.
  2. admsnap utlity (command line executable) for managing clones and snapshots resides on the hosts connected to the storage system that has SnapView driver.
  3. Setup through Navisphere Manager GUI or CLI.
SnapView requires at least two hosts:
  • Production host that contains the LUN you want to copy (source LUN) and runs customer applications.
  • Another host that lets you view the clone or snapshot, owns them, reads from or writes to them and performs independent tasks such as backup using clone or snapshot.
  • With Manager 6.x, a third host, the client host performs all storage system functions.

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