Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gatekeepers Babysitters Datacenters

For the past few weeks, I wasn't able to post regularly due to a very hectic schedule. So I am trying to write a series of quick short catchup posts summarizing the things I have been working on, thinking, reading and researching about. No indepth analysis, here. This is the first in this series:

In last couple of weeks, I visited about a dozen datacenters. What I noticed most is the inefficiencies, in the name of security, at datacenters for both services provider personnel and datacenter employees! During each visit, I spent 15 to 30 minutes going through the gatekeeper's entry procedures and datacenter employees spent two to four hours babysitting me while I was inside the datacenter. That is some serious productivity loss for both service providers and datacenter owners.

Another thing, I observed is the lack of security cameras inside the datacenters. Security cameras were everywhere outside and inside the buildings except in datacenters!

Aren't there better ways to handle gatekeeping and babysitting work at datacenters?

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