Monday, July 10, 2006

Three type of people, I miss most!

Three type of fellows, I am not meeting yet in Seattle area:

Storage professionals. Most probably, there are active storage organizations and events in Seattle area. I just haven't found information on where storage professionals get together in Seattle area. Do you know any local storage meetings? Send me an email.

Budding entrepreneurs. Last month, I attended TiE meeting in Bellevue. This was my first opportunity to interact with budding entrepreneurs in Seattle area. I look forward to further getting involved with such initiatives and building some relationships for the 'future'.

Terrible golfers. I am pretty terrible golf player. So it has been challenging to find a fellow golf partner with similar skill level to have fun on the golf course. If you know your handicap, you are too advanced to be my golf partner. Everyone else, I will be up for a round of golf.

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