Thursday, November 02, 2006

Data De-duplication crossing the Chasm

For last couple of days, storage blogosphere and media has been buzzing about EMC acquisition of Avamar, a data de-duplication vendor (See related entries below for the extent of coverage). It wasn't a best kept secret as rumors were circulating for a while that Avamar is being courted by EMC.

Recently, I have been studying Avamar data de-duplication technology after writing several times about data de-duplication and Data Domain. Few weeks ago, they were kind enough to send me promptly marketing and technical material. Don't know if that had to do with me being storage blogger or their openness to anyone interested.

Congratulations to Avamar for a very attractive exit. In exchange, EMC is getting a strong technology platform in real-time data de-duplication and handling both data-at-rest and data-in-transit. And it has potential to take EMC's backup, archive, replication and, contrary to popular thinking, array products to the next level.

Acquisition of Avamar by EMC, Rocksoft by ADIC, rumored IPO plans of Data Domain, and total segment revenue potentially reaching $100+ million, it appears that data de-duplication finally has crossed the chasm.

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