Monday, December 18, 2006

Honorable 'Whatis' Mention

My blog is one of the seven blogs mentioned in Storage section of Our Favorite Technology Blogs at Whatis site of Techtarget. Thank you guys (and, gals!) of Techtarget for including this blog in to your list of favorite technology blogs. The others listed are Who's who of storage!

Dave Hitz
Jon Toigo
Hu Yoshida
Mark Lewis
Marc Farley
Robin Harris

The complete list of technology blogs published by Whatis provides wealth of information on regular basis. I just wish they had an OPML file of RSS feeds for these blogs. With OPML file, it will be a breeze for everyone to import all feeds in to Google Reader and Firefox Live Bookmarks.


  1. Very cool Anil, congratulations!!

    You deserve it...

  2. Josh,

    It is result of the "involved" and "interactive" readers like you.

    Don't sweat! I am not planning to follow TIME You to make speech to thank "You" the readers. ;-)