Friday, August 17, 2007

Just Say "Thanks for Feedback"

For almost a month, blogging and blog reading took a back seat to hosting friends and family from four different countries, playing golf and Wii (addictive!), rigors of the day job and enjoying the summertime.

I most probably will still be on blogging hiatus for few more weeks if not for the battle of the words among storage bloggers Robin Harris, Barry Burke, and others. I guess I got embroiled by making an observational comment on Robin's Blog post resulting in pen-lashing from Storagezilla.

Overall, I am very surprised with the emotional responses and the offense both bloggers and commentators are taking. Be nice, boys! There is some great feedback in these blog posts and comments for everyone to take home. Whether, like it or not, just saying thanks for the feedback, will go a long way.

After storage blogging for almost four years, I would be saying thanks for the feedback, if I was receiving such thoughts about my blog from someone. May be, I am not cut out for EMC DNA mutation. BTW, thanks Chuck for acknowledging the storage trenchtrolls.

This war of words also reminded me of an incident, I was involved in, about two years ago. At that time, Hu was a class act in responding to my criticism of his blogging. In retrospect, I was out-of-line. Despite this incident, I was invited and hosted at HDS Executive Briefing Center by Jeremiah, previously HDS community evangelist. For this very reason, I admire and have great respect for both Hu and Jeremiah.

My offer to storage bloggers, readers, industry insiders and outsiders remains same. If you ever visit Seattle area, get in touch. I will love to pick your brain over a beer/coffee/lunch/dinner. I will do the same when I am in your town, just send me your contact info.

Of course, any feedback through comments, email and phone is always welcome too.