Sunday, July 04, 2004

SNCP Level 2 Exam – Confusion Abound

I further investigated the status of SNCP Level 2 Exam after June 30, 2004. There seems to be some confusion regarding the validity of SNCP Level 2 Exam toward new credentials.
  • The SNCP Transition Policy states

    “Level 2 FC SAN Practitioner … exams will be available to take until they are replaced in Fall, 2004.”

    “There will be no credential or certificate awarded for passing the Level 2 … exams after June 30, 2004.”

  • The Thomson Prometric shows the client information page with following information upon selection of SNIA Certification Program:

    “The SNIA FC-SAN Practitioner certification that tests for understanding of features, functions and underlying technology will be leveraged into the Standards domain.”

    "This exam is scheduled to be replaced this fall. If this exam is passed in 2003 and 2004 (while available) and the SNIA Storage Network Foundations exam is also passed in 2004, it will result in the SNIA Certified Systems Engineer certification credential.”

At this point, I am moving forward with the assumption that upon passing FC SAN Practitioner exam and SNIA Storage Network Foundation exam between July and December 2004, SNIA Certified Systems Engineer certification will be awarded. Please do let me know if this assumption is incorrect.

Last couple of weeks, I talked to several people who passed SNCP Level 2 exam regarding the preparation resources, and dos and don’ts, which I will share with you in my next blog.

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