Monday, October 24, 2005

Backup Tutorial

Today, a client asked me to build a technology-focused tutorial on Backup & Recovery for technical support and solution design staff. I am also compiling a list of reference materials that cover the topic without "vendor marketing" stuff for client purchase.

I am sharing this list for everyone's benefit. I haven't reviewed most of the material listed here yet except the first book. As I get access to these materials, I will post my impressions. Let me know your favorite material on this topic.


1. The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center, By Dorian Cougias, E L Heiberger, Karsten Koop

2. Unix Backup & Recovery, By W. Curtis Preston

3. The Disaster Recovery Handbook, By Michael Wallace, Lawrence Webber

4. Using SANs and NAS, By W. Curtis Preston

5. Oracle 9i RMAN Backup & Recovery, By Robert Freeman, Matthew Hart

6. Security Planning and Disaster Recovery, By Eric Maiwald, William Sieglein

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