Sunday, April 01, 2007

Say Hello at SNW

I am planning to attend Storage Networking World (SNW), April 16 - 19, 2007 in San Diego. I will be there as storage blogger and plan to blog often about interesting stuff from the conference floor, thanks to SNW organizers. Hopefully, I will meet lots of people from my favorite storage startups Cleversafe, Storewiz and InPhase, other storage vendors and users.

I am looking forward to seeing fellow storage bloggers, familiar faces from the past and some strangers who will become familiar in the future. If you will be at SNW and want to get together, leave a comment, send an email, call 206-390-4580 and give me a date and time when you would like to meet.

An Evening with Bloggers

I also would like to bring together all bloggers attending SNW for one evening. Please get in touch with me, if:
  • You are a blogger attending SNW and want to meet face-to-face with fellow bloggers.

  • You are interested in helping with organizing a bloggers evening at SNW.

  • You are interested in discussions with bloggers.
Suggestions for SNW Attendees

Unlike fellow bloggers, Jeremiah Owyang, Chuck Hollis, Dave Hitz, and Hu Yoshida, I attend very few conferences during a year and like to leverage such opportunities to the maximum.

What were your experiences at SNW in the past? What looks interesting this year? What suggestions would you offer to SNW attendees?

Use comments below to share your thoughts.


  1. I won't be there, dang! (Speaking at Web2.0 conference in SF)

    If you organize a blogger dinner, that would be one of the first (or THE first) storage blogger dinners that I've ever heard of.

  2. Time is short but doing my best to contact as many bloggers as possible to make bloggers evening a reality. Hopefully, it will give some ideas to SNW organizers for blogger participation at future SNWs.

    If you know of anyone attending SNW, appreciate a quick intro. Any help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated.

  3. Anil,

    I'm in - for sure! I'm back to work Thursday - hiding out up here at Copper Mtn skiing, and just got a wifi connection.

    We should bring a few signs to post on the message boards. I'll bet we might be able to add in a few blogger wannabes into the mix.


  4. Anil,

    We are glad to hear that Cleversafe is one of your favorite open source projects, but I don't think anyone from the project will be at SNW. I am on a couple panels at OSBC on 5/22 in SF and Greg Rudin will be at ISPCON later that week. And I expect we'll have folks at other conferences later in the year. Hope to connect one of these days.

    Chris Gladwin

  5. Clark,

    Have a great vacation. Looking forward to seeing you and other bloggers at SNW.

    If SNW is using digital displays, may be they can rotate our message. I will make a request to SNW organizers.


  6. Chris,

    Sorry to read that Cleversafe wouldn't be at SNW. I guess I have to see Cleversafe grow from far for time being.

    If you or someone from your org visits Seattle, it will be great to get together sometime.


  7. I'm interested but don't know what my schedule is going to be yet. - marc farley

  8. Marc,

    Thanks for expressing your interest. Hopefully, you coming aboard will encourage corporate bloggers to come forward too.

    Initially, my concerns were about blogger gathering becoming party of one. But it has gathered steam and exceeding my expectations.

    I would like to accommodate schedule of as many bloggers as possible.

    I am requesting all interested bloggers to send me an email with contact info and few preferred date and time convenient to them during SNW to meet.



  9. Anil,

    it's a great idea but I am not going to SNW this time and this is one more reason to regret it :>)

    Should be both entertaining and interesting to put all the storage blog-heads together...

    Have fun without me!

  10. Seems a lot of folks are skipping SNW this time around. I know a lot of storage companies aren't going.

    I plan to come in Monday afternoon with a camera crew from and will probably camp out in and around the bar. (DrunkenData, don't you know.) I have gotten passes for the show from a vendor, but did not have even press credentials extended to me this time around.


    Anyway, keep me apprised. Maybe we can grab a beer. I only plan to be there from Monday PM til Wednesday AM. Then I have to jump up to Irvine for some real business.

    Jon Toigo

  11. If there's stil room for one more, I'll be there (just confirmed today). I manage (used to?), which I plan on reviving (some day..). But I'd love to meet some others who blog about storage in general.

  12. Blake,

    There is always room for one more. Pls send me an email with your contact info, in case I need to inform you of any changes.

    See you at SNW.


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