Friday, October 21, 2005

Storage Training, Certification & Large Archive

I have been AWOL for a while ... busy with consulting in healthcare storage and providing training for SNIA Storage Networking Certification Exams.

I got my SNIA Certified Professional (SCP) and SNIA Certified Systems Engineer (SCSE) certifications so I thought I put them to good use by helping others understand storage networking and achieve appropriate SNIA certification. In a recent training session, it was interesting to find out from one student, who lives and works in London England, the need and unavailability of qualified SAN professionals in Western Europe. So, it may be a good place to try for new opportunities ... may be I will try some short term work across the pond.

Consulting-wise, I am working on compiling business and technical requirements and designing a high-level architecture for large capacity (2 - 10 Petabyte) Regional Archive for a client... an interesting project. I am also involved with another project for archiving as managed services.


  1. Hello Anil,

    I discovered your blog while surfing through the web trying to collect SAN & Storage specific information.

    Your blog is very rich and easy to read. And as such, you inspired me to create my own. I don't pretend to be a specialist in the field, but I'm trying to build some expertise in the SAN Storage field.

    I wish if you can pass by my blog and provide me with some guidance.

    Thanking you in advance and regards
    Ali Kouider

  2. Hi Ali,

    Good luck with your blog. Let me know your blog address and happy to take a look at it.

    As always, I welcome feedback from my readers.


  3. Hai
    Anil friest of all i want to say thanks for you because i inspired to create my own blogspot after visiting your blogspot.

    I have a query: I am preparing for SNIA-s10-100 exam ie snia Storage Network fiundations. I want some model questions for this exam. In the SNIA site there only 10 questions are there. I hope you can do some help reagrding this.
    My Blogspot url is:

  4. I want some model questions for this exam.

    You can find several sites, selling exam questions, through Google Search.

    Good luck with exam.

  5. Hi,

    I want to do certificate in SCA and SCP. I got book Building strorage networks mark farley . I need to know about question paper model and pervious question papers. can you help me to pass the exam.


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  8. Hi Anil,

    Thought you might like to know that Infinity I/O offer SNIA based SAN training in the UK. They can be reached on 01252 847400

    George Dundon

  9. George,

    Thanks for notifying about SNIA training in UK. How is it going?