Thursday, October 27, 2005

Training Feedback

Recently, I got few emails from the people who attended my training sessions for Storage Foundation class. It is always great to get feedback from the participants. It helps me improve the future training sessions.

... Thanks very much for the excellent instruction ...

... It was very useful to receive the SNIA training ...

Last couple of sessions were excellent and very interactive as I got good cooperation from people attending my class. It is usually tough to balance the needs of diverse group of people as most sessions include both people who know a lot as well as people who know very little about storage.

Tips for SNIA Storage Network Foundations exam (S10-100)

In addition to training handouts, review Education Tutorials, The Shared Storage Model White Paper, and The basic concept of SMI-S. Also, don't forget to take practice test available at SNIA website and review questions in training handouts.


  1. The training courses for Storage Network Foundations (S10-100) exam are very expensive. Can you recommend publicly available material for self-study?


  2. When I was instructor for data storage courses, most students got their employers to pay for the training. I guess you will have to convince your employer to pay for storage training.

    If you are paying out of your pocket, you may want to try negotiating with one of storage training providers.

    Check out the website of SNIA under Education section for list of books on data storage. Also, some data storage documents at IBM Redbooks are good source of information.

    I also got few messages from technology professionals about any storage courses for non-storage people. I am not aware of any storage course specifically target such audience. But if there is sufficient demand, I will be happy to create and deliver one.