Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Riya may show pneumonia in x-ray

I wrote in my last blog entry Riya in Healthcare about Riya's automatic photo recognition and its potential in healthcare.

I came across the blog entry Automatic photo recognition: Tell me if this chest x-ray shows pneumonia at a blog maintained by Dr. Vesselin Dimov. I guess I am not alone in thinking about the attractiveness of Riya's technology in the healthcare market. It is great to read some validation from a healthcare professional for one of the potential applications of automatic photo recognition. I see at least four additional applications of Riya's technology in this space.

Unfortunately, every body is focused on RSNA 2005, most probably the largest healthcare event, next week so I don't expect any feedback for another couple of weeks.


  1. There's a sucker born every minute, fortunately I don't think Google is one of them.

    Take a look at PCMAG, they basically claim to the conclusion this stuff isn't ready for prime time. So did Jupiter..

    Now all of a sudden, 10 days later we have all this celebration?..

    sounds like an exit strategy for some poor sap to fall into..

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    If you ever come across alpha version of any product ready for primetime, I will like to hear about it.

    I read the PC magazine review of Riya. There is nothing in the review that convinced me to share your sentiment.

    "Riya is far from the finished article. But it works well enough to get our hopes up. It could be a wonderful thing."

  3. Anil, thanks for reading my blog and making recommendations on how to improve it. I am familiar with your work and follow your blogs, so I appreciate the knowledge and experience you have in the storage industry and in the blogging media. While the impression you got was that I was pushing the USP and NSC, I am really looking to generate discussion on where storage virtualization should reside. Perhaps you can post your position. If this not a key issue for you, what are other concerns which we need to address based on your experience with end users?