Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"One Prediction a Day" desk calendar, anyone?

What's up with everybody's fascination for making predictions for new year? Most of the time they are more wrong than right anyway.

For a long time, people made 10 or fewer predictions but now the trend is to make as many predictions as possible. I guess it sounds better when they proclaim that 24 predictions came true instead of 6.

Here are some well talked people in blogosphere who decided that even Top 10 list of predictions is not long enough. I predict these guys are destined for "One Prediction a Day" desk calendar.

Jason Calacanis, Weblog, made 20 predictions for 2006. Updated Link.

John Battelle, Searchblog made 17 predictions for 2006.

Philipp Lensen, Google Blogoscoped made 15 predictions for 2006.

Did you come across anyone who made too many predictions? Share them with your comments.

Help me collect 365 technology predictions with fewest number of authors.

Well, I also decided to hop on prediction bandwagon but with couple of twists - only one prediction that spans multiple years... Coming soon to a computer screen near you!

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