Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Only if this could be an expense-paid trip to Cancun!

Today, I received this message for a Symantec event in Cancun, Mexico.
Hi Anil,

Whoever said you can't mix business with pleasure must not have heard of Symantec's new disaster recovery strategies seminar in Cancun, Mexico. The seminar will held May 14th – 19th at the Playacar Palace near Cancun, Mexico and will cover various topics including Business Continuity Plan vs. Disaster Recovery Plan, Replication vs. Backup, Data Protection Strategies, and Storage Virtualization.

This could go a long way towards easing the burden of IT professionals.:) Instead of sitting behind a cubicle listening to a Webinar or being herded like cattle into a stuffy conference room, why not get out of the office, make a trip south of the border and get the best of both worlds--training from the best on strategic planning for disaster recovery and then the reward for your hard work and efforts in IT.

Designed for IT managers, IT staff, and self-employed IT professionals, the seminar will present material with a focus on concepts and solutions rather than product-specific features.

If you or the readers of your blog are interested in more information let me know, or visit http://www.techgetaway.com.


On one end, it reminds me of free heavenly trips to Hawaii, doctors get for listening to recent development in medical fields, paid for by pharmaceutical companies! On the other end, it reminds me of free hellish week at timeshare properties in return for listening to sales pitch of timeshare company.

Now, only if we could get someone to foot the bill for this trip without acting like timeshare company and treat IT professionals like doctors?

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