Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who will be next?

Lot of M&A activity in last month. I was particularly excited about Microsoft taking over WinTarget product from String Bean. I really liked their approach for iSCSI target product. I hope Microsoft decides to incorporate iSCSI target functionality into their server product line. It will be a great tool to enable SMBs to implement high availability with ease and confidence.

String Bean Software was the only product vendor, we ever signed a product reseller agreement with. And this relationship finally ended today as we received the reseller agreement termination letter from Mickey McIntire, CEO of String Bean Software.

It looks like storage companies are adopting GYM approach of buy early and cheap. Who will be next to get acquired? I was going to bet on Data Domain. But I am not sure there are many storage players who will be willing to pay $250+ million, it deserves.

M&A headlines from B&S:

03/07/2006 CA Completes Wily Buy

03/06/2006 Brocade Bags NuView

03/06/2006 EMC Acquires Authentica

03/06/2006 Atempo Swallows Storactive

03/03/2006 Microsoft Munches String Bean

03/01/2006 McData & Riverbed: A Rumored Pair

02/27/2006 Hitachi Picks Archiving Partner

02/23/2006 Sun Shines on Aduva Grid

02/16/2006 Qlogic Bets on InfiniBand

02/07/2006 StoneFly Officially Lands in DNF

02/07/2006 HP Hops on OuterBay

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