Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Transition to Seattle

Some of you inquired about my whereabouts after noticing location changes on my blog. And you guessed correctly, I decided to relocate to Seattle from Toronto few months ago. The reasons behind my relocation are wide ranging from personal to professional - cold weather and risk-averse society in Toronto stands out prominently.

Recent essay from Paul Graham (See Why Startups Condense In America) pretty much sums up my thinking and experience about the startup environment in Toronto versus West Coast. As any entrepreneur will tell you, they may have not succeeded this time but they will try again one day and most likely that will be true for me too.

The contact phone number and email address listed at ANDIROG will continue to be the best way to reach me. And if you are in Seattle area or anyplace I am visiting (Hot 99F Denver this week), I will be happy to chat about storage, blogging, startup and anything else over a beer!

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