Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Storage meets Web 2.0

Jeremiah is organizing a storage event for Web 2.0 companies at HDS HQ in Santa Clara, Sept 12 (See Lunch 2.0 Web Expo Blowout at Hitachi Data Systems and Lunch 2.0 Web Expo). With the popularity of Web 2.0 companies like Six Apart, YouTube and MySpace, their data storage requirements must be growing very fast.

I am going to miss this great event just by a day! as I will be in Bay Area from Sept. 7 through 11. I wish I knew about the event little earlier to extend my trip by a day.

Was the event organized at short notice? Most probably, Jeremiah would have mentioned it in our email exchanges while planning to meet during his visit to Seattle or my visit to Bay Area. BTW, anybody want to get together in Bay Area during my visit to chat about storage, blogs, startups and anything else, contact me.

Congratulations to HDS (specifically, Jeremiah and Hu) in taking the lead among SAN storage companies to target Web 2.0. SAN storage has been not that prevalent among the Web 2.0 infrastructure in my observation. I seem to find more NAS and Linux based commodity storage within Web 2.0 infrastructure.

I am sure HDS event will be a great success. Hopefully it will encourage them and other storage vendors to take such events on the road to meet "hot" Web 2.0 companies outside Bay Area. Here are two Web 2.0 lists for vendors who want to help them grow their infrastructure:

Seattle's Web 2.0 List

National Web 2.0 List


  1. Thanks Anil, I really hope to meet you when you come in, ya know my email please tell me when you're available.

    Are you sure you can't stay another day?

  2. Jeremiah,

    I figured out a way to crash parties ... just write a blog entry! ;-) Thanks for the invitation ... will try to stay longer.


  3. Nice, glad to have you Anil.

    I'll have to introduce you to some of the folks both in HDS as well as my blogging buddies.

  4. It sounds like we just need to get a Seattle web 2.0/storage luncheon together....

  5. Josh,

    Agree. I am sure some vendors are waiting to see how Lunch 2.0 at HDS go before adopting the idea to other regions.

    BTW, any pointers to existing storage user groups in Seattle area?


  6. The only local group I know of is
    From what I have seen they are not too active, but they have had at least one meeting (although I did not attend). I am planning to attend the next one if they put it together.

  7. Josh,

    I was a regular at relatively active Toronto SNUG. May be we can help revive the Seattle area SNUG.

    BTW, you are maintaining a great messaging blog, just subscribed to it.