Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HDS Visit & Lunch 2.0

Last Friday, during my visit to Bay Area, I had the pleasure to meet Jeremiah Owyang. He was very gracious to host me at HDS Executive Briefing Center. I am sure lot of people, including myself, were half-expecting that HDS will even want to talk to me, let alone have me as guest on their premises.

Thank you Jeremiah for the great lunch and equally great discussion (more in later posts). I can only imagine the challenges and efforts required to encourage an organization in a conservative-to-the-fault technology sector to adopt progressive Web 2.0 tools and strategies like blogging, wiki and public forums. Hats off to you. My bad for considering you HDS Blog Manager. How does HDS Web 2.0 Evangelist sound?

After reading the coverage of HDS Lunch 2.0 by you and Robert Scoble, I feel I missed a great event, a chance to interact with fellow bloggers and learn the infrastructure challenges of Web 2.0 companies. Thank you for the Lunch 2.0 T-shirt and Hitachi poster.

Whenever you or any blogger from data storage and IT infrastructure industry are in Seattle, please let me know. I will be happy to meet over lunch or coffee and discuss data storage, blogging and anything in between.

Included from comments:
Thanks, Jeremiah for the link to the Lunch 2.0 video.


  1. Anil

    Wow! you really honor me, and I am thankful! Sheesh, that is so cool you put up the poster and the shirt.

    Yes you were missed, the event was fantastic.

    "blog manager" no worries, heh, it's cool. I really look forward to the next time we can meet up.

    I'm subscribed to your blog and highly value your opinion and thoughts. Thank you SO much for stopping by.

  2. Jeremiah,

    I am looking forward to another high energy conversation, sooner than later. Your feedback and opinions are always welcome.


  3. Holly created this cool video of the event Anil.

    It's almost like you were there!