Sunday, November 05, 2006

What Do You Care What Other People Think?

Last few weeks, I spent some time exploring life and work of Richard Feynman (1918 - 1988), a winner of Nobel Prize in Physics, inventor of Feynman diagram for quantum field theory calculations, a member of the investigating panel on Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, and a professor at Caltech.

Why did I want to know more about Richard Feynman? He was brought to my attention by my boss. For a while, he has been commenting that I remind him of his Physics professor at Caltech. Now, I am sure not for my beautiful mind but for my eccentricities like speaking my mind and questioning status quo.

In the end, learning about Richard Feynman and his work gave me a new perspective on feedback received from others irrespective of whether it is about my blog or the ways I approach and discuss issues.

Thank you all for your opinions and feedbacks and keep them coming! And, no I am not growing up and I have no plans to quit blogging.

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  1. hello
    i have read all the books you mentioned.feynman is god.
    your boss's comment is surely a thing to be proud of!