Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Great Ideas of Dr. Mortimer Adler

After reading my previous blog entry on Richard Feynman, one reader suggested picking up works of Dr. Mortimer Adler for my next non-storage related reading. Dr. Adler was a philosopher, professor, author and star of his own TV show.

After some research, I decided to get How to Think about The Great Ideas book from King County Library System. This book is a collection of transcripts from his TV show, The Great Ideas, aired in early 1950s. Guessing from how quickly my request for this book was fulfilled by library system, works of Richard Feynman seem to be more popular in Seattle region.

This week, I am focusing on reading this book instead of listening, reading and writing two cents in storage blogosphere. The Great Ideas book is very fascinating and some of the lessons are worth sharing on this blog.

Look for more from this book in coming days.

All the news about stormy conditions in Seattle region reminded me of this image of tree hanging on power cables. I captured this picture during last windstorm in Redmond.

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