Sunday, February 10, 2008

Are you using online storage services and how?

Last week, Ethan Oberman alerted me to his online storage service SpiderOak after coming across my post Online Backup Services - What's Next?. Since my post last year, I was contacted by several online backup and storage service providers.

Ethan highlighted differentiation of his service primarily in the area of file versioning, delta transfer, secure sharing across machines and users, and zero knowledge security.
Our approach to online backup and storage varies greatly from our competitors - creating a personalized network concept as opposed to simply online backup. …
Similarly, last year, Marcus Hartwell introduced me to Diino service that also focuses in the area of online backup, storage and sharing.

Most online storage services, since late 90's, are mainly focused on serving one or more activities in data management:
  1. Backup,

  2. Sharing, and

  3. Access.
These services are primarily targeting consumers and small businesses, a bottom up approach with hopes that over time mass adoption will result in acceptance by enterprise IT departments. Strangely, none have been able to make significant impact and gain wide-spread momentum. As previously mentioned, dozens of them have come and go, and I am sure you noticed this trend too.

Though, I did try out several services for a short time, I just couldn't see any becoming part of my daily online routine. And, the main adoption challenges seems to be that either I need something that operates "invisibly" or integrates with my current tools and online activities.

Are you using online storage services and how?