Thursday, June 12, 2008

Heading to Google Scalability Conference

Like Robin Harris, I am also attending Google Scalability Conference in Seattle Friday and Saturday. Hopefully, I will see him at the event. All sessions at Google conference look good. Unfortunately, I will miss half of them as two tracks are running in parallel. I am looking forward to hearing about maidsafe, CARMEN, GIGA+, and Google Maps scale down.

Recently, several readers inquired whether I lost interest in blogging as I am posting very irregularly. Nothing can be further from the truth. I am still as excited about blogging as I was almost five years ago when I first delve into blogs. The lack of frequent updates is due to my attention being somewhere else (new dig, rig and gig). Will elaborate some other time.

BTW, checkout Storage Optimization blog by Carter George. His startup Ocarina got interesting story with their data footprint reduction technology. I am looking forward to learning more once I refocus on new exciting stuff in storage. Hopefully, Ocarina can change the KPCB's luck in storage space.


  1. Hopefully you'll stop by the Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ BlueGecko on Friday as well...

  2. Hi

    I am David Irvine and will be doing the maidsafe presentation, it will be very fast and hopefully you will enjoy it. It is a radical shift in mindset for a lot if IT people but as our tagline states - exploring infinity kinda sums us up.

    I doubt I can get through it in 40 mins but will try. Please email the company if you want more information. There is a video or 2 in the links section of the website

    I will be skipping away for lunch with a member of Google but will be back and available for questions etc. so please find us and feel free to come up and say hi !

  3. Josh,

    Sorry, keep missing Lunch 2.0 events. One of these days, I will try to make it to one of them.

    Thanks for the invitation.


  4. David,

    Great presentation. I will check out the videos and contact you offline.