Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adaptec Advisors are Back!

Adaptec PR firm sent a note mentioning that Adaptec Storage Advisor's blog is back! Check it out.

I am also trying to get back to updating my blog after a long hiatus. Hopefully with some small and quick blog posts on regular basis, my writing habit will establish. In the mean time, enjoy the sights from my various trips.

How do you overcome writing drought?


  1. Anil

    Getting over a block is not easy. One thing I do make sure is that I don't write for the sake of it. Reading other stuff (Twitter being the latest for me) helps - off the wall conversations about unrelated things, stuff that generally gets me out of my day-to-day work seems to help.

  2. Chris, Thanks for the suggestion. My challenge has been finding a block of decent amount of time to sit down and finish what I am writing. I have over 20 incomplete posts that I started and never finished. I never got in to IM/twitter stuff, I find them to be interruption in what I am doing. Anil.