Monday, April 10, 2006

HDS TCO/ROI Guru starts Blogging

Today, I read in Hu Yoshida's blog entry that David Merrill has decided to join blogosphere community.

For last few years, I have extensively used ideas from his Storage ROI/TCO work in building business cases for storage technologies. Typically, vendor white papers have limited lifespan and focus on specific products. In my opinion, this is not the case with his work. With the longevity and usefulness of his ROI/TCO white papers, I sometime wonder how come he hasn't thought about writing a book on Economics of Storage.

If you are involved on business side of storage technologies, you may want to read his ROI/TCO work. It is time well wasted, comedy central style!

Welcome David, I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on storage economics. And considering how many HDS people are now blogging, may be you and Jeremiah want to collaborate on a case study for ROI of corporate blogs.


  1. Anil

    Thanks for the comments and your long-standing use of this material. You may have only seen a part of what we have developed over the past 6-7 years on storage economics....

    I have written a book of sorts, and we use it with a new HDS class called Storage Economics: MBA-in-a-day. In fact, I am hosting this class in Toronto later in May, perhaps you can join-in?

    Dave Merrill

  2. Dave,

    Thanks for the info on storage economics class.

    Does HDS publish your class schedule in North America for next few months? Like to get my hands on one to decide when and where I can attend?

    Thanks for writing blog on storage economics, an area often overlooked.


  3. Anil

    Excellent thoughts as usual, I agree, it would be interesting to do a study on the ROI of business blogging with David.

    Of course the 'R' is large, and the 'i' is tiny --even when factoring in time. In fact business blogging can save the author time, as he/she doesn't have to repeat himself!

    Lastly, I saw your comments on Mario's blog. I created this page recently, it lists out all the bloggers in the storage industry, and I will keep it updated --regardless of affliation.

    Data Storage Bloggers: (blogroll)

    Let me know if I put you in the right category.

  4. Jeremiah,

    Thanks for your comments. I look forward to reading ROI of business blogging.

    'R' is Risky Return, swim or sink. It is very risky to open yourself to world.

    'I' Incredible Investment in research and thought process before writing few words. And then unintentional interpretation of the work.