Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where are you being De-duped?

As I wrote previously (See, Evolution of Data De-duplication similar to FC SAN), presently data de-duplication is making a name for itself in backup and recovery area.

In my opinion, data de-duplication will ultimately be incorporated in to data storage infrastructure for three reasons:
  1. The growth in volume of information that need to be stored is several times that of the growth in capacity of data storage media, irrespective of media type (See, The Final Frontier for Data De-duplication).

  2. Data de-duplication doesn't require the information context of data to eliminate the repeating patterns. It can also eliminate the repeating patterns beyond a single information container.

  3. There is no reason that data de-duplication should only be applied to reduce the data-at-rest footprint. It can as effectively reduce the traffic volume by eliminating the repeating patterns in data being transferred. iSCSI aficionados take note.
Some of the near-term applications are going to be in the area of backup, archive, wide area data transfer, data caching, primary storage and enterprise data storage grids. In the end, data de-duplication can be applied anywhere where cost of resources freed by eliminating repeating patterns exceed the cost of resources required to remove repeating patterns.

Do you or someone you know applying data de-duplication to solve unique problems? I like to hear about it. This is your chance to reach out to my unique and focused readers.

Share your vision and thoughts on data de-duplication with me. I will share it with my readers and give appropriate credit to you.

BTW, you are seeing Microsoft OneNote and Tablet PC in action with above doodle. Let me know when it gets annoying!

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