Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bloggers Evening at SNW

Response exceeding Expectations

Response to my call for organizing an evening with Bloggers at SNW has exceeded my expectations. Mario Apicella aptly summed up my feeling about this initiative.
Only two years ago you could have counted storage bloggers without taking your socks off and now we can put together a small crowd.
Initially, I thought this evening may turn out to be party of one or two. But after a week of responses, I wish we should have tried organizing bloggers evening earlier.

In addition to last blog post, Say Hello at SNW, I reached out to storage bloggers through comments on their blog and email messages. I will continue to reach out to more bloggers next week. If you don't hear from me, it may just indicate that I am not aware of your blog. Please don't assume that you are not invited, just send me an email, leave a comment or pick up the phone and call me. All bloggers are welcome to Bloggers evening.

Thank you Storagezilla, Tony Pearson, Josh Maher, and Mario Apicella for spreading the word through post on your blogs.

A Party of Six

As of Saturday night, Bloggers evening is no longer a party of one but SIX. Following bloggers have expressed interest in attending Bloggers evening.

Clark Hodge, Storageswitched! Blog
Claude Lorenson, starting a storage blog at Microsoft
Marc Farley, Equallogic Blog
Tony Pearson, IBM Inside System Storage Blog
Jon Toigo, Drunken Data Blog

Even few bloggers, who are not attending Bloggers evening, mentioned the reason being absent all together at SNW. They also have very encouraging words for Bloggers evening.

"I'm afraid I can't make it to this SNW. … I love the idea of a bloggers get-together." Dave Hitz, Netapp

"it's a great idea but I am not going to SNW this time and this is one more reason to regret it :>)" Mario Apicella, Infoworld

"It is a great idea and thanks for the invitation!" Mike Linnett, Zerowait

When and Where

I am not familiar with SNW host Hotel, surrounding area and attendees interest in evening events at SNW. I am tentatively proposing we meet Monday, April 16th at 6:00PM in the lobby of Hotel Manchester Grand Hyatt and head out to a bar/restaurant at hotel or a location close by. Any alternate suggestions are very welcome.


There is no specific agenda for Bloggers evening. Most likely, our discussion will revolve around storage blogging and data storage industry. If you would like to discuss any specific topic, please leave a comment, send me a message or just raise your topic at Bloggers evening.

Neither Fee Nor Free

There is no fee for attending Bloggers Evening, just bring your passion for blogging and data storage. But do bring your credit card, cash, food stamps, guns or any other method you use to pay for your own drinks and food. Unfortunately, there is no financial sponsor to cover the cost at Bloggers Evening.

Even though, Jeremiah will not be at Bloggers Evening, he has offered to buy us some drinks. Thank you! for the offer, Jeremiah. Anyone from PodTech is welcome to join us at Bloggers Evening. Anybody else who wants us to get drunk and stuffed, you are welcome to join us and pick up the tab.


  1. I won't be able to attend my friends. I'll be speaking at the Web 2.0 expo that week in SF.

    I've always wanted to meet many of these bloggers, esp Toigo

    We've some folks from PodTech heading to the show, I'll see if they can make it.

  2. Anil, thanks for the note on my blog; unfortunately I'm not attending SNW (although would like to have done). How about when we get to the EMEA SNW I host a get together then? Make sure you feed back how it goes; we'll all be interested!

  3. I hope to make it to the 6pm meeting at the hotel. I would like to extend an invitation to the storage Bloggers to attend the JPR communications annual cocktail party at the Manchester Grand Hyatt lobby bar from 7-9pm on Tuesday the 17th.
    Scott Kline