Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bloggers in Demand at SNW

Clarification: Bloggers Evening is Monday, April 16th at 6:00PM in Hotel Lobby. The JPR Cocktail event is Tuesday and totally separate from Bloggers Evening. I just wanted to clarify this as several people inquired.

I am amazed at the amount of attention being bestowed to storage bloggers at SNW by vendors, analysts and PR firms. I have received numerous emails and phone calls since my first post in which I mentioned plans to attend SNW as Storage Blogger.

Do you maintain a storage blog and would like to cover SNW events as blogger? Please send me an email or get in touch with Bill Winn at Topaz Partners who is managing media credentials for storage bloggers.

Several storage industry executives who presently don't blog requested to attend the Bloggers Evening. Clark Hodge and I discussed the issue of non-bloggers attending Bloggers Evening. We have decided to open up the Bloggers Evening to everyone.

Scott Kline from JPR Communications wrote a comment to my previous post and also sent me an email with official invitation for all Bloggers to JPR Cocktail Party.
I also want to have all of the Bloggers and associates of the Bloggers join us for cocktails and appetizers on Tuesday night from 7-9pm at the main lobby bar. I have attached the official invitation for you and whomever else wants to have some free drinks and food with all of the editors, analysts and companies.

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