Monday, May 07, 2007

SVW: Storewiz. Q&A.

Continuing from Storage Vendors to Watch: Storewiz. I

First the disclaimer for those with fertile imagination, I don't speak for Storewiz. Most information was obtained through public sources along with discussions at SNW with executives and others.

Let's address questions from Storagezilla, before I continue with my thoughts on Storewiz. He objected to the phrase "with better predictability than data de-duplication product."
What struck me about that is just like de-dup the data you're working with will dictate what savings you'll get. Image files or movies? Damn all or close to damn all. 1:1. … Databases or text files? Hell, you could get 5:1 compression, perhaps even more.
The data type is only one factor that impacts savings from data de-duplication. The others being "duplicity" of data in the dataset targeted for data de-duplication, "duplicity" of the dataset in stored data, targeted saving type, internal dedupe design and the implementation of data de-duplication solution in end-user environment.

Real life data de-duplication ratios vary a lot from 2:1 to 100:1. Data type on its own is not enough to be able to predict with certainty the achievable data reduction with data de-duplication. Beyond data type, data duplicity and the variations in duplicity over time is the main reason for a wide range in data reduction.

Why, when and where, "predictability" of data footprint reduction target matters more than the "highest achievable" data footprint reduction? Let's hear your thoughts first!
I've known about StoreWiz for a while now but I've always wondered where the FC/iSCSI compression boxes were?
Based on what I was told by Storewiz executives at SNW, the expected release is Q3/Q4, 2007. I am as usual skeptical of "Q3/Q4" claims like most people who have some experience dealing with any storage vendor. Most vendors say Q3/Q4 when asked in Q1/Q2 for time frame of next or new release. So, I wait too!
The sheer computational grunt required for such compression is an issue, …
I wrote in the last post, The strategy is similar to hardware compression in storage devices but with a twist that makes Storewiz implementation very resource efficient. Further explanation when I discuss three things that make Storewiz stand out in the data reduction market. As usual my opinion only.

All opinions expressed on this blog are my own, whether sink or swim. Your dissents, corrections and attempts to influence my opinions are always welcome.

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  1. "The others being "duplicity" of data in the dataset targeted for data de-duplication, "duplicity" of the dataset in stored data"

    Sounds a bit like Single Instancing to me but I'll hold on and see what it all looks like after you've posted your thoughts.