Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Surely You're Joking …

You write in your previous post Evolution of Data De-duplication similar to FC SAN,
Data de-duplication is the single most important innovation in data storage since FC SAN.
If you believe in the potential of data de-duplication then why are you not working in this area?
This was the question, I asked myself after finishing The Final Frontier for Data De-duplication. Surely, there must be lot of situations where data de-duplication can be applied for it to become a pervasive technology. Some I described in Where are you being De-duped?.

Answer to this question "I should be working in data de-duplication" along with putting together a plan to realize it, is one of the three reasons for my light blog activity last few weeks (Other two in future posts). I am spending significant time researching and analyzing different data de-duplication techniques, opportunities and current products. I am sure results from some of this work will also show up on the blog in near future.


  1. Didn't ADIC buy Rocksoft? Doesn't that mean you are working in that area?

  2. Why would it mean that I am working in that area?

    IMO, just because an employer is active in an area doesn't mean "all" employees also work in that area.