Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Trip to Japan

Continuing with the theme of reasons for light blog activity. Last few weeks, we were working out the details of visit to Japan next month.

Here are details of our trip,

Nov. 19 - 21 Tomakomai, Sapporo.
Nov. 22 - 23 Kyoto, Osaka.
Nov 24 - 26 Tokyo.

Even though, most visitors to my blog are based in US, there are some visitors from Japan too. If you are one of those readers from Japan, ping me. And if you are located in any of the cities on our list, we will be happy to say hello in person, time permitting.

I get the impression from a recent Wall Street Journal article How Demon Wife Became a Media Star And Other Tales of the 'Blook' in Japan that blogging is huge in Japan.
Blogs are even more popular in Japan than in the U.S. ... An estimated 25 million Japanese -- more than a fifth of the population -- are believed to read blogs.
It will be great to build some connections in Japanese blogging world. The Pleasures of Finding Things Out! And meeting readers in person all over world.

Note: If earlier you noticed a Google Map Test post, I was trying to include Google Map in my blog post. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it work. And after fiddling with the API for few hours, it wasn't worth wasting my time anymore.


  1. Techonrati reported in it's last "state of the blogosphere report" that Japanese is the most common Blogosphere language.

  2. Jeremiah,

    Are you aware of any Japanese language storage blogs? Does Hitachi translates HDS blogs in to Japanese?

    Have a great trip to your ancestor land.


  3. I don't know of any Japanese Storage blogs.

    It would be silly to discount there isn't. I'll bet there are whole thriving communities around consumer and corporate storage.

    Japan is very technology orientated, and they are blogging quite a bit!

  4. we've been to Japan in nearly the same period as you!

    Himeji and Kyoto.

    We went to film the trailer for a TV show we're pre-producing. You'll soon see the results on

  5. Let me know when you come out with the trailer from your Japan trip. We captured 600+ photos during our trip ... sharing slowly.