Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Online Data Storage Debate

Check out friendly debate with Jeremiah about prospects and challenges of online data storage services. Actually, we first started this discussion during my visit to HDS in September.

Jungledisk connects you to Amazon S3

Why I think future Online Data Storage companies will Pay You to Upload Data

Surely, Online storage services such as Amazon's S3 storage service can be a useful service as secondary storage or data I want to access on the road or data I want to share with others or data that has low value to me. But as primary storage and for my valuable data, I am skeptical.

Can you trust anyone else to store and protect your data?

I will cover more on this topic in my future blog posts. Few weeks ago, I was asked about my thoughts on this segment by an acquaintance in financial sector. I am just gearing up for a detailed analysis of online data storage opportunities.

Are you involved in online data storage service segment? If you are, I would like to get your perspective for my analysis and future blog posts. Interested, you know how to contact me. >>---------->

I am wearing Montsuki and Hakama, traditional Japanese clothing for formal occasions, in this picture.


  1. Heh, yes, this is interesting. I'm coming from the "Web Angle" more than the "Storage Angle"

    I've already tons of my personal data uploaded and stored on the web, on websites that I obviously trust. My photos, bank account info etc.

    I'm also weighing in on this from a Marketing perspective, as where there's user data, there's the opportunity to collect and redistribute content.

    I think one company will get this right, perhaps Google?

  2. Business Week picked up this meme

  3. Jeremiah,

    Business week coverage, eh! You are being scobleized. Congrats.

    I figured we are coming from different angles. Both angles will need to merge at some point for such ventures to succeed.

    There were couple of programs on CNBC and PBS recently focusing on privacy and individual info being captured by likes of Choicepoint and Axcess. You may want to check these shows out.

    Your uploaded personal data whether photos or financial provides context to organization hosting your data. But that is not true with online storage services. I see better prospects for online apps like zoho and Google docs that also store created content than pure online storage play.

    Have fun at CES. How do you find a job where you get to hangout at cool events and cool people? I gotta find one like that. ;-)


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