Sunday, April 15, 2007

SNW Day Zero 6:50pm

Storage can't compete with Aircraft Carrier

I arrived in sunny San Diego at 3:00pm to attend Storage Networking World Spring 2007. On my way from airport to Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel, the site of SNW, I passed by lots of boats and a huge Aircraft Carrier. And I couldn't resist the allure of aircraft carrier which overshadowed anything storage had to offer. So the first thing I did after checking in to hotel was to take a walk to fascinating USS Midway and the USS San Diego monument.

SNW before the Opening

After enjoying the sunny Aircraft Carrier, I checked out the different locations where SNW events will be held and took a peek in the expo hall before opening day. Looks so quiet but I am sure tomorrow, we wouldn’t be saying same.

Microsoft Water

While navigating around the huge equipments crates of various vendors, I ran in to none other than Darrell Kleckley and the Microsoft Storage team. I first met him when he was on SNIA Education Committee and now he is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft.

I hope Microsoft sent cases of Windows Vista water to SNW. If Donald Trump can sell water then why not Bill Gates too! And if you listen to Paul Graham, water may be the next market Microsoft needs, to make itself feared again.

Bachelorette Party

It is just my luck that I get to stay in the room right across a bachelorette party room.

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