Sunday, June 22, 2008

Denver Visit, New Piñata & Scalability Videos

Week in Denver

I will be in Denver this week till Friday June 27th. Unfortunately, I will miss nPost Golf 2.0 event in Seattle.

Despite a busy work day schedule in Denver, I am looking forward to seeing some friends and colleagues also. If you are a fellow storage blogger or reader or working on a cool storage technology and located in Denver area, ping me and we can meet one evening during my visit.

New Piñata for EMC & IBM

Recently, a reader alerted me to new Data Domain blog Dedupe Matters written by Brian Biles. Welcome Brian to the world of Bloggers. Lets see how quickly EMC and IBM bloggers make you the new piñata like they did to HDS bloggers. ;-)

In any case, it’s a nice change from their rumored no blogging policy. Hopefully, blogging at Data Domain will go beyond people in Ivory Towers.

Video of Presentations from Google Scalability Conference

Google already uploaded the videos of presentations from last week's Google Scalability Conference. I also plan to discuss some of the presentation topics in further details as time permits.

Welcome Remarks by Brian Bershad

GIGA+ by Swapnil Patil

HPC with NetworkSpaces for R by David Hendersen

Chapel by Brad Chamberlain

SMP via Transactional Memory by Vijay Menon

Communicating Like Nemo by Jennifer Wong

Maidsafe by David Irvine

CARMEN by Paul Watson

Scalable Wikipedia by Thorsten Schuett

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